How VR helps to promote my Real Estate business

In a business like real estate, Virtual reality will help you to attract your customer.

Here is few type to create VR experience for your real estate business

Actually it’s depends on what you have. Like if you have sample house ready then shooting a 360° video from your sample buildings is best option, but if you have just planning and it’s too early for shooting a 360° video then 3D virtual realistic experience will be best choice.

  1. 360° video from your sample house/flat/building
  2. Virtual 3d model with walkthrough

1. How to create 360° Videos ?

For this you must need a 360° camera to record 360° video.

Here is few suggestions of 360° cameras

  • Gopro –
  • Samsung Gear 360 –
  • Insta 360 one –
  • Insta 360 air
  • LG 360
  • Kodak pixpro sp360 4k

Setup in your sample house, do some shooting and then most of camera provide auto stitch option or you can hire 360 videos stitcher to stitching your 360 footage with adding custom image in between 360 videos. After that you can upload it on YouTube. Before you upload on youtube you must have to inject your videos with meta data, that’s tells to youtube that this is 360 video. Here is How to inject 360 videos for uploading on YouTube.

2. Walkthrough in virtual 3D environment