Kids Maths Practice Game

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Welcome to best educational maths practice and learning game for toddler. This fun learning maths game for kids. This is not only the unique, exciting mathematical game for kids but also very educational, funny and challenging app. In this educational game we focuses on numbers and math learning for kids. This mathematical game is can play 2 to 10 years old kids.

Kids Maths Practice Game is easy math game for children, toddlers and kids to help them understand counting and numbers. Awesome quiz mode in this maths number game. So, you can join your toddler to learn math in a fun and stressless way!

Why Kids Maths Practice Game is Best for Your Kids?

Its simple but highly educational game for kids. AdditionSubtractionMultiplication and Divisionmath solver for kids to learn intelligent. High quality graphics and melodious sounds that increase of your kids to play this game and increase their mathematics knowledge.

✮Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with virtual objects so that kids can calculate the answer by counting number of given objects like fruits,balls and animals.
✮Answer with multiple choice, just select right answer and go ahead.
✮No tik-tok(Unlimited time) for select right answer.
✮Fun and sounds keep kids learners entertained while they learn.
Best free math app for your toddlers.
✮Incredible way for your child to learn math.
✮Perfect learning exercise
✮Kids love it and keeps them possessed for a considerable length of time.
✮Enhance kids concentration and memory abilities.
✮Simple design that looks extraordinary on all android phones including tablets.
✮Frequent application updates!
✮No registration required and no complicated rules.
✮Lots of mathematical examples.
✮It will help your kids to learn more than the teacher.
✮This game convert your mobile into virtual blackboard.

What is the Best Part of Kids Maths Practice Game?

We focus on educational game for kids. We have dream to give you best game that helps your kids to learn something interesting about numbers with and before schooling. This is very interesting learning game for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 years old and above kids. Also parents can play this game with their children.

How to Play Kids Maths Practice Game?

This is very easy but addictive game for your kids. Once you download this game you will understand how to play this educational mathematical game. But still we are going to explain how to play this maths learning game for your baby.
So what are you waiting for, just download this top Kids Maths Practice Game for free and make your kids crazy about maths subject.
Top game from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade.

How VR helps to promote my Real Estate business

In a business like real estate, Virtual reality will help you to attract your customer.

Here is few type to create VR experience for your real estate business

Actually it’s depends on what you have. Like if you have sample house ready then shooting a 360° video from your sample buildings is best option, but if you have just planning and it’s too early for shooting a 360° video then 3D virtual realistic experience will be best choice.

  1. 360° video from your sample house/flat/building
  2. Virtual 3d model with walkthrough

1. How to create 360° Videos ?

For this you must need a 360° camera to record 360° video.

Here is few suggestions of 360° cameras

  • Gopro –
  • Samsung Gear 360 –
  • Insta 360 one –
  • Insta 360 air
  • LG 360
  • Kodak pixpro sp360 4k

Setup in your sample house, do some shooting and then most of camera provide auto stitch option or you can hire 360 videos stitcher to stitching your 360 footage with adding custom image in between 360 videos. After that you can upload it on YouTube. Before you upload on youtube you must have to inject your videos with meta data, that’s tells to youtube that this is 360 video. Here is How to inject 360 videos for uploading on YouTube.

2. Walkthrough in virtual 3D environment